Reupholstering Antique & Vintage Furniture

Customers are always asking us whether or not they should reupholster their antique furniture. We always advocate salvaging antiques and vintage furniture, but you must beware: not all antique pieces are created equal.

When it comes to reupholstering Grandma's old sofa or your most recent garage sale find, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

Custom Chairs Built For The Hanes Group

We had the pleasure to work with Sarah Catherine Studio of Design, Retail Sports Marketing, MHS Interior Carpet Design and Studio 13 on a wonderful project at the Time Warner Cable Arena for the Hanes Group.

We build 6 custom club chairs, placing casters for easy movement on the bottom of the chairs, for to place in their box at the arena for a relaxing and comfortable area for basketball games.  Hanes will choose “lucky” individuals each game to sit in the seats.

DSC - Custom Built Chairs for Hanes

Holiday Giveaway, 6 Dining Chair Inserts

We are launching our Holiday Giveaway, 6 Dining Chair Seat Inserts, valued at $360.

The holidays are soon approaching. Do you plan to entertain? How do your dining room chairs look?

Enter to win 6 dining room chair seats (pop-out kind). The giveaway includes new foam (if needed), dacron and labor to reupholster. You supply the fabric, we do the rest. 

All you have to do is Join Our Facebook Fan Page and "Like" the giveaway post and you will be entered to win!

The winner will be randomly chosen on November 4th. The winner must redeem within 90 days.

Designing On A Budget

Looking through magazines or surfing the internet are great places to get inspiration for designing on budget. At Design Services of Charlotte we can bring a picture from a magazine to life. We have master craftsmen who can replicate furniture, or follow through on your vision by reupholstering a quality used piece of furniture. We guarantee our fabric to be free of flaws.

One fun idea is to take a professionally designed room printed in a magazine or online then hunt around town for items that closely match that design. Keep in mind that using a few quality custom pieces combined with discounted accents for the room you are decorating can keep you well within budget.

Enter To Win a FREE Custom Memory Board - Winner Posted!

Our September Facebook giveaway has begun! We are giving away a beautiful memory / bulletin board to one of our lucky Facebook fans.

DSC - Custom Memory Board Giveaway

Declutter your fridge or organize your favorite photos by winning this beautiful memory board! This organizational piece is perfect for notes, pictures, reminders or important papers. Dimensions for memory board: 29 1/4" x 19" x 1".

Eco Friendly DIY Chair Reupholstery

We wanted to dedicate a post to ordinary people creating extraordinary pieces from furniture most people would throw away. These people have an eye for seeing the potential in an old piece of furniture and the vision to make it into a beautiful work of art. Kudos to each and every person who is a successful DIY'er!

In our world today it is important to find creative ways to reduce waste. The term upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or higher environmental value. So not only are you having fun, you are helping to reduce waste.

We found five projects we wanted to share with our community. We hope you find them helpful and inspiring.

October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Though it's only September, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be upon us before we know it and I, like many other people, will find myself caught up in a rush of "have-to's and deadlines. And if this year proves to be like so many others, January will be here before I can take my next breath and I will have let yet another year go by without living in the moment . . . every single day.

In July, 2007, I was diagnosed with Invasive Breast Cancer. Because of my own history, and family history, I elected to undergo bi-lateral mastectomies. When I was diagnosed, my world came to a standstill. It was all so surreal; so many decisions to make in such little time.

First Steps to Eco Design for Your Interiors

We are doing the green thing are you?

We commonly have homeowners and interior designers seeking our services for their eco design projects. We delight in taking an old piece of furniture and giving it a new life, particularly with eco friendly materials. It’s really like finding buried treasure! When we remove the old fabric to discover a well-built, hand-crafted piece of furniture, so well made that it that rarely needs structural alignment, it brings it all home. Since the piece of furniture is being reused instead of thrown in a landfill or waiting at the curbside, it is truly an environmentally friendly piece. It is amazing how a piece of old furniture with a makeover can add so much character to your space.

Custom Furniture to Fit and Transform Any Space in Any Home

Is it impossible to find a specific furniture to fit a specific space? Why not build an original, custom piece to blend flawlessly into the space? You can design the interiors to meet the specific space allocated by designing custom pieces to fit. Custom, made-to-order furniture is the only way to get exactly what you want and need. Custom cornice boards, personalized sofas, custom chairs, custom banquettes, original ottomans are a few pieces you may be looking for.

DSC - Custom Kitchen Chairs


I love my job. I am always taken back by the stories behind special, sentimental family heirlooms. For example, a customer, stopped by this morning to take a peak at an antique, empire/sleeper sofa we are reupholstering for her mother who has Alzheimer's. Anne's mother is moving from her home of 54 years, to a condo for better proximity to Anne, her caretaker. As we were discussing changes she wanted for the sofa, she shared with me the sweetest story: