Free Cushion Upgrade in August

Receive a free upgrade, with the purchase of new foam cushions, to custom spring down cushions with the order of an upholstered piece of furniture.

Since everyone loved this special in July we are extending it through the month of August.

Simply mention this offer when contacting us:

Replicate Your Favorite Design

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Have you ever seen a piece of furniture in a magazine fitting your style perfectly? The shape fits your space, the fabric is ravishing, you are drooling over every detail right down to the matching pillows. How would you like to create your very own personalized, dream sofa, chair, or ottoman from this magazine picture? It can be done at DSC!

Slipcovers & Free Reupholstery Quotes


Just a Few Announcements

As of the beginning of June, we have been creating custom slipcovers for local designers and residents across North Carolina. What a better way to add security to your precious piece of furniture. Choose from a wide variety of in-house fabrics, from soil and stain resistant to Organic and recycled.

We also provide free reupholstery quotes for your existing piece of furniture. Simply fill out this form, we will then e-mail you back with an estimate to have your piece reupholstered.

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Why Buy Lasting, Custom Furniture?

How to choose furniture for your home is a common frustration and confusion for most homeowners. Should you go to your local Rooms To Go store around the corner? Or should you spend some time researching local custom furniture manufacturers? Then you start to wonder, what about handcrafted custom furniture built to fit perfectly into your space? Oh, they are probably too expensive, right? Here we will go through the different types of furniture available to you as the homeowner. Education is your best tool when purchasing furniture!

Free Custom Spring Down Cushions in July

Receive a free upgrade, with the purchase of new foam cushions, to custom spring down cushions with the order of an upholstered piece of furniture.

We are running this special for the whole month of July.

Simply mention this offer when contacting us:

Highlighting a Local Interior Designer in Charlotte, NC

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IKEA Ugly Sofa Contest

Wow! Look what I found:

It’s an ugly sofa contest through IKEA. What struck me as ironic is this: Ikea makes some awesome looking furniture, but what lies underneath is ugly! The ugly sofa contest will consist of some nasty looking sofas, no doubt, but I assure you many will be great sofas... perfectly built with sound materials. You should not dismiss your old sofa or judge it simply on how it looks!

Needless to say, people will miss the irony of this contest. I’ve seen what lies beneath the cool exterior of IKEA furnishings. Although Ikea has some awesome stuff, the upholstered pieces are sad and poorly built.

Henredon Sofa Uncovered

There was a day when the name Henredon evoked visions of style and integrity. If you owned a Henredon sofa, it was certain to be passed down to your children and even possibly their children. Henredon sofas were structurally second to none. This is no longer the case... at least with THIS particular Henredon sofa. First let me mention that this was NOT an inexpensive sofa! The owner of this sofa paid a high price for the name. We removed the fabric on this sofa for reupholstery. To our surprise this sofa was a mess! It was made with plywood and fitted together with staples. Large gaps remained where the back supports of the sofa met the side and only 4 screws were used to hold this sofa together!

Custom Built Walnut Bed with Upholstery Fabric in a Cream Colored Tweed

These are before pictures of another custom walnut and upholstered bed, prior to staining and upholstering. The glue, screws and hardwood reinforce the structure of the bed.  Other custom beds made by other furniture companies are fabricated using staples, pressboard and possibly a screw or two.

DSC - Custom Furniture - Walnut Bed

DSC - Custom Furniture - Walnut Bed Before Stain